Another poem rap thing (written)

In the past

Or well my futures clear

I smell what I ■■■■■■■ fear

I smell serpents coming out your ear

The only sheer

Dangerous beauty

That seems so spooky

Well maybe arachnid groups of the,

Spiders crawling down your wall

An army marching in the name of spider law.

I’m a writer after all.

Hazy visions must be my god given way to show that I’m not living

Up to par

Well so far

I’m tried to cope with dope and coke and k and smoke and yay and that’s all she’s wrote. When I prove I’m a dope. A dummy. I love my mommy. Come save me your son named Jonny. Be good. Funny I’m in the mood. To do. A terrible deed. Eat an edible that’s been mixed with weed. Thc. It’s incredible when I feel freed. From the mundanity. Make a creed. To remain on the. Meds for me. Because they help the sanity. In my cognitive function. I’m starving for this lunch in. When I crunch in. On this food And discuss practically nothing. With this lady I’m loving. It’s very nice and easy fun. I’m every breeze and jeez I’ve won. Because I’m the sun. The stars. The fish the cars. The ocean breeze you feel at a beachside bar. And each time you meet a woman you felt that you went far. Didn’t even make it past a start. But it felt plenty well. Meet Jenny and Elle. The beautiful lady. Not in the mood for this lately. But today. I do write to you for a few of my flames. Continue on in my brain. Ok.


This is a bit better maybe

They say everybody can do it but not everybody does. I say it should all be equal congruent you’re just, a part of the reason we destruct. addition of the friction in the world. Intuition I’m on a mission to save a little boy and girl. Like the prophets bringing gold, bronze, mirr. For. This pearl and this ruby. Is not enough for the root of the. Problem. Because In the end I’m just gonna rob em. Stab em grab em diamonds in all shapes and patterns. The heist for I got this knife and I’m bringing them to life when I fight their trite light ideas not so bright. Alright. Stop it. Just rob it. Steal it. Years of wealth. And don’t forget about the insurance for health The differences ive felt. All along. So I just make a song. Cathartic nature. I’d rather be an artist getting paper. Then a starving street mob man who can’t do himself any favors. In the end. Because I went over the bend. On the bust. I tend and fend for us. I’m ten out of ten when I discuss. Maybe I got it backwards but Its enough.


Just a word of advice, write them out in stanzas. Makes it easier to read and flow. Good stuff btw @Jonnybegood.

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Really good stuff man! Defnitely feeling the theme on the second one

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Really nice mate :slight_smile:

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