A Poem: Diagnosis

Late diagnosis
Lived a bit of life
Nothing but memories now
And a few photos


Late onset as well, with the late diagnosis?

I toiled in some confusion and darkness and made the biggest mistake of my life in that “Moment”… and it still pays mental dividends.

I could go on

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I wasn’t diagnosed until I was 32. I refused to believe I was sick until I was 28, even though I’d been having symptoms since my teens.

I lived a good 12+ years unmedicated professionally, self medicating with illegal drugs and alcohol. I feel like I stole that life, or at least that time.

I was suffering for years. I’m happier as I’ve grown older. I can say the life I had wasn’tTruly worth it. I’m in a better space.

I still have my reservations for what life will hold, but I’m trying. Remembering the bad helps me sometimes, steels me a bit into believing I made At least some of the right choices to get here. Sober, properly medicated, life under control.

Was the time before the diagnosis better? For me, no. But your answers may vary.

I wishing you good things EH. Is there anything we can do to help?



I feel the exact same way. Great way of putting it !

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I didn’t have any sz symptoms till my first major episode at 30. Unless you consider believing in the afterlife a delusion. I’ve held that belief since I was 10 or younger.

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I like your poems. Like I said, reminds me of haikus.

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