A Poem: Diagnosed

Diagnosed 12 years ago.
Did I waste those 12 years?
Will I waste the next 12 years?
Time’s running out.


Depends. Are you happier now than then?

I look back on my life, the years unmedicated, just spinning my wheels and going nowhere.

That was wasted time.

In the past 8 years I’ve stopped self medicating, I’ve gone to school, found my fiancée, and have gotten my symptoms under much more control with therapies and proper meds.

I believe you’ve done similar things in your recovery journey. That isn’t wasteful. The time, the energy, the research for answers.

The drive to be better than we were still courses through people like us. That drive isn’t a waste, and I don’t believe you’ve wasted that drive.

We’ve gone through a lot. It’s ok to not live up to others ideal expectations , because I’m succeeding in my own expectations, for the cards I was dealt.

Tune for you, maybe it’ll help.

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