A Poem: Better

Unfulfilled dreams.
Nothing to get upset about,
We were just meant
For something better.


Hey dude bomber… just failed in my attempt to quit cigs… : / . Thought I’d share on your thread since it’s not THAT novel of a thing and thus isn’t fully worthy of a thread in itself.

@Jimbob are you surviving still?

I am mad at myself and the petty family stuff that got amplified in my headspace that made me pick up again… but we’re definitely in this together on here.

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I am lucky in that I am over the worst of the cravings man. Sorry to hear you weren’t successful this time. Is hard as shiz quitting this stuff.

Your brother in the struggle

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I liked what @Miika had to say about the nicotine receptors dying off after a certain time… think she said two weeks… that does seem to be a benchmark in the struggle and even if it’s not precisely accurate I am able to form good questions about it into google.

Also made a calm to my talk therapist and I’m pretty sure she’ll call back.

Just a bad day for me!

That’s how I feel about my living arrangement. I did not want the traditional marriage. Too cold.

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