A nicotinic substitut a pill named NICOPASS in France saved me of cancer

NICOPASS is the branmark of a nicotinic subtitut that permit me to don’t smoke since i take it since 2022.
I experienced electronic cigarette but it was mitigate ,because i smoke few cigarettes sometimes.
I also before buy on internet some pills named TABEX, TABEX is the bulgarian ancestror of Champix, but when i had finished my 28 days cure of Tabex, i resmoke one or two months after.
So for me the great product to stop smoking is Nicopass.

Champix was a game changer for me.

25 year habit said goodbye and no withdrawal…

We are all different but with Champix many give up but get back on it when you don’t need too. It’s stupid but you give up smoking you give it up.

Easy out here where it was and is so expensive. Well worth the process.

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