A Nice Little Offensive Article

“Hey tall people with Autism in your family. You’re the only ones that matter!” "We don’t know nuthin’ about Eugenics here…"
Mr. Posthuma… soon to be Posthumous…

(Don’t take my ranting here seriously. I just prefer to think of IQ as something that can be improved mostly. Also, I’d rather have the IQ that would make me most successful rather than be the smartest in the room.)


I very much dislike the mentality that “I want to be better than others” in any possible way.

I see what you’re saying. I maybe don’t have to be the most successful, just moderately successful according to my abilities and circumstances.

Never mind I don’t wanna post this

@metime I would like you to feel good about yourself, but to do it I think that you don’t need to be superior
to others. This goes against the principle of equality and respect for the rest of us.
Remember that we are headed for a future of economic prosperity for all and even
if there will be jobs they will be just for pleasure.
I want only the best for you, and I want you to feel good about yourself without needing to be fiercely competitive.
You can travel the world, you can write books, there are lots of things you can do to make you feel proud of yourself,
and you don’t need to be superior to others to feel good about yourself.


No ones superior. Aaron Judge is the best rookie in Major League Baseball history I’ve ever seen. Doesn’t mean he’s superior. But should he give up his job because it pays really well and stuff and etc… I don’t like this logic. Be the best you can be at what you do If you wish. If you don’t wish then oh well… But don’t hate on others with ambition. And whatnot.

Look @Goyankees I will explain. I want to get smarter, healthier, fitter and wealthier.
In a future of neural laces and bionic limbs and gene editing, I may get my wish.
I am not saying that you shouldn’t strive to become better.
What I am saying is that you shouldn’t base your self worth on your situation RELATIVE TO OTHERS,
For example, I would be very happy to play chess like Kasparov, even if there are 1000000 other people
who can play as well, that won’t take away my joy.
Do you get what I am saying?
We should set goals to simply become better, and let others get better as well.
For example, let’s give everybody who so wants the capability to be a genius,
or to have as much money as he wants.
I will be glad to be a genius and if others get the same opportunity it will only make me feel
BETTER instead of WORSE. Do you get what I am saying?

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Yes and I agree actually.

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Our best bet at increasing our functional IQs for achievement is psyche meds/medicine and exercise/supplements.


AND getting clean of harmful addictions.

I definitely feel an IQ increase with my new med adjustments and the supplements I’m taking. My body feels strong and healthy and so does my brain. No mental anguish or anxiety holding me back.


So happy for you @Daimon!
I wish that we all thrive, we are like one big family in this forum.

What’s interesting is now that I am in balance, I dont feel like walking crazy distances, I feel like having a strong walk like a march and then running past the horizon and then going home on a shorter route and reserving my energy. So I am more anarobic than aerobic. But it is in the 90s here at the same time.