" Check your privilege"

Have you ever been told to " Check your privilege" ? As though being relatively poor and severely mentally ill are not two of the most non privileged things to be

Lol…they dont know snakes from dildos… I would worry zero about this ignorant ass comment…

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Never heard of it, are you in a working environment

No, I’ve never been employed.

Sadly this is indicative of the terrible view people in Britain have of welfare. â– â– â– â– â– 

Some people have a need to look down on others. The best thing is to not let it get to you, if you can do that.

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I just checked and it’s doing fine.


Maybe you should watch the last season of South Park, with the new Character PC Principle.

I think it was a real thing that they just built on :wink:

It seems you score privilege points for being male,straight, able bodied, tall,white and European/American irrespective of whether you are part of the top or bottom 10% and actually really privileged at all.


I find it weird you get extra privilege points for Jewish when I was made fun of and discriminated against heavily daily at my catholic college for having a Jewish last name … I’m not Jewish though but still…

Judging by that chart I’m probably a little above average but i count my blessings more than that :slight_smile:

If you are spiritually enlightened it should add 1000 points.

Of course it takes some economic stability to become spiritually enlightened according to maslows hierarchy of needs…but spiritual enlightenment trumps a lot of the things like being short or ugly.

I wouldn’t trade my level of enlightenment to be tall just to be an ignorant narcissistic fool regardless of the privileges a tall attractive person receives from society

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Teacher minus 5 points?? Oh no, that was like the only privileged status I thought I had!:frowning: Oh well, it was worth it to watch my adult students grow in their learning.


Regardless of the privileged and may or may not have, it is no excuse to not better myself.

Not saying all tall attractive ppl are ignorant narcissistic fools

But who would you rather be, Buddha or…Dwight Howard. I choose Buddha even though he may have been short.

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Wow, there’s really a way to check??? Lol

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