A new section

Maybe we could have a section for mortimer?

A skull ■■■■■■■ section specifically for posts about skull ■■■■■■■?

Would everyone enjoy that?

I know i would!


Or have this:

Personally I find all the swearing completely unnecessary and certainly not needed to get a point across.


Haha,I wish I am strong enough to swear in real life,I just couldn’t get angry in real life,I do business trading,in my line if your not fierce or socially capable enought you wod t survive,I struggle to survive everyday under my father(he knew about my illness,but could not do anything)

excessive profanity doesn’t mean your strong, it just means you at a loss for other words.

There are many very strong men in the world who have not had to throw a punch or use profanity. Yet they have changed nations and history.

I don’t use profanity unless I’m really at a loss for words. But then I re read my dictionary and I can polish up my language again.

In my quest for self improvement, I do not want to be thought of as a vulgar man.


I’ll check into this to see if anything like that is available on our forum software.

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If there is nothing available I could probably write a script for you. When I am feeling better that is.

I have never messed with Discourse, but I am familiar with Wordpress and PHP.

Curious if you are having any luck with this?

People are working on it - nothing immediate is going to be available. You can view discussion here:

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yes, a script could be written to remove it, or possibly a child senor type thing, to cut out the cursing for underage and those who don’t want to see it. I’m a nerd like @sasha

I am a nerd by profession only, not choice lol =) I just happened to get the talent for computers in the skill lottery at birth.

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