Flags, Swearing, Forum Guidelines & Respect

In less then 12 hours I have dealt with 9 flags and I haven’t read the forum yet.

Swearing: I woke up this morning to 5 more flags after dealing with 4 last night. This is an online community not a bar. Could I be using swear words right now? Absolutely. Are they necessary to get my point across? Absolutely not. I have enough respect for myself, this forum, it’s guidelines and other members to try to refrain from using them.

As to what constitutes swear words. If the odd ■■■■ gets posted, really, no big deal. If the F word is being thrown around like a bouncing ball and you feel that the use of it is necessary due to high emotions etc then perhaps you need to take a break. Have enough respect for yourself and other posters to know what is appropriate and what isn’t. Treat this forum with the respect that it deserves.

Flags: If you feel that a post is inappropriate etc flag it, do not respond to it. I know that this is difficult as I myself have found myself engaging where I shouldn’t. It’s hard to walk away however sometimes it is the best option. Emotions get high and before we know it things are being said that are needlessly hurting others. Flag it and let the moderators deal with it as that is our job. By joining the ‘discussion’ and getting even more upset you run the risk of being flagged as well.

Opinions: Recently things got out of hand fairly quickly and emotions got high due to certain members voicing their opinions. I would like to remind everyone that they are just that, opinions. If there is a disagreement, concern etc over how this forum operates and what it’s goals are then I suggest discussing them in a respectful manner or discussing them with @SzAdmin or one of the other moderators. 3 or 5 or even 10 members stating an opinion does not mean that the owner or anyone else is in agreement with that opinion or with how it is being stated. We have 1000’s of members and everyone of you matter.

I will speak for myself here as a member and as a moderator. I care about every single member. When I moderate I try to do it with everyone’s best interest in mind. I know that some question why I do certain things. I read every post. I do what I think is necessary for the forum as a whole. I know that certain members don’t want to be moderated. Don’t act in a way that will require moderator attention by following the forum guidelines. They are there for a reason, not just to take up space :smile:

When the guidelines where updated I only posted the update in Meta. In hindsight I should have posted this update in every category. They have been added to the previous guidelines that are pinned at the top of each category.

Everyday we have new members coming on board. This, to my knowledge, is the best and the biggest forum for those suffering from schizophrenia spectrum disorders and/or voices. Personally I love this forum. I am proud to be a member and a moderator. Help keep it that way by treating it with the respect that it deserves.


Just an FYI: Flagging is anonymous which means that other members, to my knowledge, can not see who flagged the post just that it has been flagged by the community.

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