Regarding the language issue

I’m posting this as a new topic because I hold an oppositional view.

I feel as though this place is a “safe haven” of sorts for those who have sz and relating diseases. That being said, I feel that we should be able to express ourselves using any words we wish as long as they are not threatening to others. Perhaps we can have a way of notifying each other when potentially offensive language is being posted to a thread?

I’m in my 20s. Curse words are a part of my vocabulary. I was raised in a household(s) where these words were used openly around both sexes. I live in a world where the television is very mildly censored. I live in a neighborhood where I hear these words while walking down the street in daylight.

I think that it’s wrong to make someone feel unwelcome for using the vocabulary they are familiar with to express to the community how they are feeling.


I swear at home all the time. I don’t do it in places where it will be offensive. It’s called self control.


I seldome use bad language when writing. But at home I have some “favourite words” I say.

Cuss words don’t bother me ‘per se’. They seem a little aggressive but on here they don’t bother me.

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Cussing is something I did a lot of when I was in hospital and crumbling. Also, when I was in my hate and anger phase I pretty much only communicated in cuss words. When I was in hospital, I heard a lot of cussing then to. My brothers, Dad and I used to cuss when we used to get drunk because we are angry drunks and that anger brings out the cussing.

My brain just links excessive cussing with someone who’s not in a good head space and not doing well. Plus I really do think now that I’m older, I don’t need to cuss to get my point across.

Maybe that is why the cussing hits a sour note with me… cussing equals not doing well in the head.

I agree with Molvok, everyone in the universe has to use some sort of self control.

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@Malvok Not all people with Internet access and sz have self control.

I think that we should be able to use the words we wish and have a way on letting others know that curse words are being used in a thread.

People come and share their struggles and victories why should we flag their posts because they drop the f bomb? They are expressing themselves.

That’s why we have moderators.


That’s awesome, you can totally tell who is left wing or right wing based on the replies to this issue.

In the left corner…:
•More moderated control
•Trade verbal freedom for verbal safety

In the right corner…:
•Less moderated control
•Trade verbal safety for verbal freedom



“Sonic BOOM!”

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I try not to swear and do keep in mind some sensitive family members, teenagers, and some even younger people might check this site out and be turned away if it’s too vulgar. I’m not a moderator but I do try and not swear even though I’ve slipped up when in a bad mood, we all vent and rant occasionaly but it is the internet so all posts need to be made consciously of what others may interpret from it.


i don’t mind some cussing , but all things in moderation.
i wouldn’t eat 14 donuts in one sittiing ( though i would love to !! )
i would love to eat 642 cupcakes with coloured icing…with a pot of coffee… ( i would love to !! )
it is about respect for others.
take care