"Children can get the idea that parents can only love one child."

That quote from a doctor who implied that they loved all their children. I’ve heard otherwise. A comment “They already had a baby.” and “I poured so much love into my first child that I wondered if I would love another.” She said she did but that doubt was already evident. I know my mother didn’t have the time, energy, secure money or inclination to love me very much. I definitely played second fiddle to my siblings.
Here I am being negative again and talking about my parents. I’m so intent on setting the score right - on laying the cards on the table, negative and all.

I think being a first child (I am) means I make all the mistakes first whilst my siblings learn from it.

As a child and teen I was convinced my mother loved me less than the other kids.
She’s proven me wrong, though, and now I know she loves me very much.

My father keeps saying he loves us all, but there’s a special feeling between a father and his firstborn.
I’m the firstborn :sweat_smile:

I’m pretty much an only child.

How do you mean - An actual only child or a lot of years between you and your siblings?

Half siblings who I have had no relationship with. Only child years.

Did you like being an only child or did you feel lonely about it?

A little . I leave them alone. Or so I thought. Shhitt

Do you live with them? A little which? liking it or lonely?

My dad says I am his best friend, and my mom lived with me for several years. Still, when I was young, I felt that my oldest sister was favored. I was a bit of a brat. Okay, a lot of a brat.

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