A lot of people are making money through unscientific health remmedies

Did it ever occur to you that so much of so called science is pseudo science and there are a lot of claims that this or that product helps with this or that disease and there is very little actual proof that it is the case. This is especially true with schizophrenia. The only thing that masks the symptoms is the meds but there are no true known causes or cures. We are like blind men groping in the dark. I sincerely hope that more concrete knowledge about schizophrenia and helpful remedies come out in our lifetime!


I agree. Most of it is just modern day snake oil, and it’s not just for schizophrenia. The supplement market makes millions and has no FDA regulation so be careful with what you buy peeps. Remember the placebo effect works half the time.

There is something going around that wheat and dairy may aggravate scz.

It would be interesting if this turns out to be true

I’m cutting both out

but yeah im not down with all the herbs

The first typical antipsychotic came from Ayurvedic medicine. Indian snakeroot was refined into Reserpine, and opened up the field of pharmaceutical antipsychotics.

Orthodox medicine was largely blind in adopting Indian snakeroot, but what made it credible was scientific testing.


But the majority of herbs they sell in stores are not well regulated and have not been in labs to be tested for dosage etc.

It’s a bit risky I think to take herbs?

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This is true. There is obligatory heavy metals testing, but long term effects are not fully studied.

There’s some implied trust for herbs that have been used for centuries not being cumulatively harmful, but it is an assumption.

Green tea extract is one example of a long used herb ending up being bad for your liver, for one.

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Like Orthomolecular psychiatry is a pseudo science and most likely a fraud at best. I tried mega vitamin doses for 6+ months, no change in my mental health although the internet research says scz has been cured by a guy Dr Abraham Hoffer since the 50’s.
Spent a few years of hope in this direction, I can’t remember most of it but I got right into it. Globally searching for someone to help me as I couldn’t cope with med side effects and also was getting toxicity. Blah blah, so tired. Nothing came out of this route for me personally but I was desperate. In fact I’m quite pissed that someone can claim a cure and in fact it’s ineffective information.

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That’s interesting. I’m open to alternative medicine. But I recently (while my mom did) got sold on an expensive supplement package and counseling that didn’t help that much. I think it cost her $2000 in total.

Yes I can totally relate. As I just mentioned I was put on a bunch of supplements including niacin but they just made me feel bad. It’s shameful for people to promote this stuff without having any concrete evidence that it works.

There is a lot of suffering involved in schizophrenia so I think that we would be willing to try anything, this makes us easy targets for unscrupulous people.

Guys… I’m one of these desperate people willing to try anything. I am kind of a faith type and easy to believe in stuff for some reason. I want to know more about the brain and what is going on and how a schizophrenics brain is different from normal people’s brains.

I have learned not to get my hopes up about such claims

There’s a thread on a studied supplement called Amyloban 3399, it has helped over a half dozen people on this forum already, including me.

It almost shut off my voices when I used it. I ran out and am between bottles at the moment.

I took it for a while but wasn’t sure if it was helping. I would have to isolate each individual factor and test because I try many things at once. I also ran out… Would like to get more though.

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Yea im startint a cbd business.

So much money to be made !!!


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