A Little Guitar Instrumental I Wrote

…to calm everyone down a bit. :slight_smile:

I didn’t know what to title it, but my daughter said it reminded her of a sunrise…so there you go!

I called it Sunrise!


Maybe @zwolfgang could work his magic on this little number? :wink:


The sound quality is a bit off, as I just played it into my daughter’s IPhone.

And you can hear my guinea pig eating in the background as well! lol!

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Gorgeous, Patrick! You cheered me up today!



The production is a bit ‘muddy’, and i blew a few notes…but whatevs! :slight_smile:


It wasn’t supposed to be polished. It is true folk music being shared in times of sorrow.


This is the first sound file on the forum I’ve actually listened to. It’s very calming. Did you make this with software?

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Nice steady sonority, @anon39054230 :slightly_smiling_face:


I Am Impressed!.

Kinda Reminds Me of Something Nick Drake Would Record. Only Not as Bulky. Although I Am Fascinated (by) His Pure Talent.

I Once Had a Soundcloud Account Years Ago.

I Would Try And Share Some Of What I Was Able to Record Last Year, But Thus Website Doesn’t Allow That Kind of Format or Whatever.

I’d love To Begin to Record Some New Material And Share it On Thus Website. But Soundcloud isn’t What I’m Looking For.

N e Hoo.

Good Job (!!!)… . … :100:


No software, @agent101g

I just strummed my old 6 string into my daughter’s IPhone.



I’m Curious.

What Formats Are Compatible With Thus Website in Order to Create And Upload Your Own Music Besides “soundcloud” (???)… . … :100:

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YouTube embeds in here

That it Does.


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I like it :slight_smile: sunrise is a great name for it!

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Sure Pat, I could do a remaster on it, make it sound nice and clean! Great job btw

And about that baby lullaby you sent me, I just got to work on it. Im having trouble finding the chords though because your guitar isnt in tune with mine. Do you tune your guitar without a tuner or am I just bad at music lol


Hey Z,… @zwolfgang

I used a Capo on the second or third fret…can’t remember which.

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Yeah I got that, 3rd fret I think it was, since it sounds like its between the 3rd and fourth frets. I think your guitar may be tuned sharp. Do you tune by ear?

Thankx for sharing - an excellent sound!

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I do everything by ear. I can’t read music/ theory…etc. It’s all by feel as I am a self-taught musician.

Thats fine, just makes it a little more difficult to hear what chord it is. Just wanted to make sure I dont just have a really bad ear lol. Ill get it back to ya by tomorrow, working on it now

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