Little Song I'm Working On

I deleted it. I’ll try to upload it to Youtube.

It’s not complete…just hacking around a bit…but I think it has potential.

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Okay…here it is. I uploaded it to Youtube…


very peaceful i think

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Why arent u singing… just music…!!! I like it bro…!!! Keep it up…!!

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Thanks guys…

I don’t have any lyrics for this little piece. It’s just an instrumental at this point. It’s only in it’s infancy, but I’ll try to expand it into a full-blown song down the road.


Best of luck @PatrickT…!!!

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I wrote a baby lullaby for my little girls when they were born. I’ll record it and put it in this thread later…if it turns out okay.

That’s my way of relaxing. I just pick up the guitar and play for about 15 minutes every day. :slight_smile:

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Okay, here’s a hack version of my baby song…

Go To Sleep

Go to sleep, for tomorrow will shine
And you’ll always be mine
The world awaits your time

Go to sleep, tucked safe in your bed
Lay down your sweet head
May all your dreams be friends

Go to sleep…go to sleep…

And if you cry I’ll hear your call
I will be there to comfort you
For every mountain you will climb
I’ll always be right beside you

There’s no need to worry
This promise I keep

Go to sleep


This was my studio recording of the above baby song. I extended it with a bridge. I’d like to re-record it someday.

@PatrickT you inspired me! That was really cool. I will release something similar in the next five minutes :upside_down_face:

Never mind I think I changed my mind.

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Hi @PatrickT u are a good singer as well…hahahaha

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