A little frog

When I was in Denmark, one day i was watering the plants in yard when I heard something whining from the inside of pot.
It was like the kitten was crying or like the plant was crying itself. I started digging the ground and there she was, the sweetest little creature, dark green frog. Well she wasn’t so little, more like a chubby frog. She had that belly and it moved like the frog had too many hamburgers.
And when I started to cuddle her, whining has stopped. Now she was just blinking at me with that uncertain look.
And I had to shower her because she was all muggy. Then we played with her, chased her around the yard and made her a flower necklace.
So I kissed the chubby Danish frog.
It was a smart frog, and well behaved.

:heart: :frog:


You had a pet frog! That’s sweet :smile:

Usually we eat them :fork_and_knife::frog:

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You eat frogs!!!? Frog legs.

Yeah only the legs :frog::fork_and_knife: actually i just asked my friend, she said we eat all parts :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

gross! I stick to fish. :blowfish:

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It tastesbetter than chicken :fork_and_knife:

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Eww, you…frognivores :angry:


Did she turn into a princess :princess:? I bet she already was one, a plump, beloved Danish frog princess.

When I was a camp counselor, the only way I could get the boys to stop tormenting the tiny frogs :frog: they found was to tell them I loved frogs. For the next week, every day they would bring me frogs as a gift!

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I ate chicken tenders for dinner last night
:confused: today is sushi Sunday though…

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That was the first time I was holding a frog.!
And kiss her.
I don’t know if she was supposed to become princess…how you determine a frog’s gender anyway? :confused:

You eat the legs. Very muscley. Probably good in a sauce.



You no likes? :speak_no_evil:

That hurts my feelings. :expressionless:

Well maybe you should think that about every meat you eat!!!

I have no idea! You called her “her” so I trusted your judgement.

We have a children’s story called The Frog Prince, where a handsome prince has been cursed by an evil sorceress to take the form of a frog, until he receives a kiss from a beautiful maiden. It was kind of you to kiss the frog, you could have accidentally broken a curse. :kissing_heart:

I don’t even eat meat lol. Just candies.

Are you veggie?

No I eat chicken, fish and :frog:

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That’s because I suck at grammar. :smile:

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