A happy poem

@VanDam here’s a more positive poem

I felt the coolness
Splashing onto my leg
Dripping down my arm
The paddle gliding sleekly
Through the calm water
Tall green reeds
Stand like armies of soldiers
Slightly stirring in the soft breeze
The ducks and geese calling to each other
The beaver slapping her tail
Warning of our presence
Little otters playing like children
Rolling and tumbling along
Nature’s paradise
The kayak shifts as I glide to a stop.
This is my first time
And as I breathe in the crisp marsh air
I feel the wonder of the complete
And overwhelming peace.
Peace is the only word
I know to describe what was in me.
Silence. Humbling. Contented.
Never in my 49 years
Can I ever remember a time
I felt so deeply in tune with nature.
With the nature of me.
It resonated so deeply in my soul
That I felt awakened
Like I woke up from a long sleep
And there was a new world
One of absolute tranquility.
Water speaks words to me.
I’ve always known that
It’s my place of solitude.
But flowing atop the surface
Like I was one with it
Barely creating a ripple
It was like I was home at last.


It’s a really nice poem. I enjoyed reading it. Try to do more like this :slight_smile:

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