A Good short Order Cook!

So my mother is gone and I’m the primary cook. It’s not a hard job as my dad is such a boring foodie but I’m surprising myself with my skills! I know it’s not hard but it’s a lot of planning and some decent skills!

So tonight it was balancing chicken thighs and bakon and some deep fried chips. Very simple but everything spot on. I’m getting a good handle on what time everything takes to cook and making all that happen to come together in a meal. Tonight it all comes together perfectly!

I’m not too bad. I need to branch out and cook more stuff for myself…like my mother did but I know it’s not a hard thing to do…just some more planning!

Well done Paul!


I must admit, I’m a lazy cook!

Good going @rogueone!

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Im lazy at cooking, I just put everything in the George Foreman grill and microwave some veggies and cook some sweet potato chips in the oven, I basically do that every night with different protein lol.

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I love food @Tave and really enjoy the cooking experience!

I know it’s easy but when your watching what you eat you may as well eat well!

Microwave veges aren’t too bad but I’m thinking to get back into steamed veges like I used to do long ago! I think it’s a little bit better but most tech is pretty sweet if you have the techniques!

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Way to go @rogueone yes, it takes time and effort to plan, get ingredients and prepare. But I believe it’s rewarding to go through all these things and sit down, take a bite and say “that’ll do, that’ll do”. :yum:


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