Cooking Dinner

I very rarely am the one cooking dinner, tonight I am making country fried steaks and mashed potatoes and white gravy for my family and I. I do okay when there are directions to follow I guess but I also make scrambled eggs on Sundays too.

Are you like me and rarely cook or do you cook every night?


Good for you. I never cook. Hope it turns out well. :rabbit::rabbit::rabbit:

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don’t cook much myself. just easy meals like baked potatoes, rice and beans, garden salads, scrambled eggs, smoothies. they are all easy.

I’ve been eating a lot of microwavable stuff lately though. saving money at the moment. I hate my current diet.

dad talked about the 3 of us having dinner at my place once a week. last time I cooked for them was when we lived together a couple years ago. I made grilled salmon and sweet and spicy grilled brussel sprouts.

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Yeah I am doing instant mashed potatoes though so I am kinda cheating ha.


I want to try cooking these

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I’ve been having microwaved dinner these last few days, mostly from tins. I want to get a blender so I can make soups.

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I am trying to make more stuff in my flat but it is hard bc i am lazy in the kitchen, i have some stuff i have been meaning to whip up into a dish like diced lamb and mince/chicken i’m hoping to make curry or bolognese bc i have the sauces,

but i also like preparing short orders in my clubhouse which is toasties and baked potato

I’ve been really lazy lately. Basically since I’ve moved here and I found out my sister doesn’t really like my cooking I haven’t really cooked much. Oh I through together a salad or a turkey melt or something easy but nothing like meatloaf or spaghetti, she won’t eat it and I never really liked it that much for myself. I always made that stuff to feed a family but there’s no sense now. Now I mostly cook an Amy’s meal or cut up some veggies or have a pb&j or something easy. Tonight it looks like it will be pb&j.

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