A dosette box is better but it's not perfect

It’s only my heartburn meds(have not been taking kemadrin as stepdaughter thought it might be making my dry mouth mouth). Folic acid is OTC.

Today it took till 4.15 pm to take the dose. It’s due to be taken in the morning. Last week I missed 2 doses of heartburn med and Folic acid.

Based on that the idea of going back on oral psych meds is a non-starter.


Does your body rebell and make you sorry that you missed doses?

The heartburn comes in batches ie for several days then nothing for a while. Sometimes forgetting a dose coincides with that. The answer is yes therefore.

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Its hard to remember if its not everyday. Do you look at your calendar often? Or do you have pill boxes with the day of the week on them? I’m sorry about the discomfort it must or could ruin your day. That is how I would remember. You just so busy having fun and playing with the girls that you forget. ha! I don’t know how to help you @firemonkey . can you take a late dose and it turn out well?!

It’s card boxes with slots provided by the pharmacy with the days of the week and morning,noon etc. The pharmacy does it when my prescription is made. With the heartburn it’s very much a 'just in case ’ thing as the heartburn is no fun if it happens.

As for a calendar,I don’t have one .

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Yah I had pain from heart burn at least once real bad as bad as strep throat. I took something but it was over an hour before it subsided. I guess yours must be the same. Can’t catch it if you don’t know its coming. Just another thing to endure in a tough life. I hope you have time to lie down once in a while to make it go away. I’m not minimizing your pain. My wife has had stomach pain the was a 10 or more and nothing worked not even the ER. I know it can be bad. Sickness, ugh!

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