I can't do it

I feel so defeated. I can’t follow all the rules to keep my health up. I feel I am failing more and more all the time. Just last night I woke up my provider at1am to get a pill for my heartburn. They want me to sit up all the time and all I want to do is lie down. I don’t or can’t care. I am so tense. Any suggestions will be considered.

Have your provider put your head of your bed up on bricks so your sleeping at an angle while lying flat. Maybe your reflux will be better that way. Also are you taking a pill preventively before bedtime? I know I have to or I’m miserable and choke on stomach acid in the night.

No. She doesn’t seem to want me to take it every day. I’m trying to sit up now. The computer can keep my mind off it.

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I would talk to my doctor and see if it’s ok to take it everyday. Mine is prescribed by the dr. It’s Pepcid, by prescription so my insurance will pay for it. Twice a day 20 mg. It really helps, or I choke on acid in the night and I can’t sleep.

I just got my Equate a couple of weeks ago. We had know idea I’d become so dependent on it.

It’s fine if you need it. It’s better than suffering.

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