A different kind of depression

I’m not usually into self-pity when it comes to having paranoid schizophrenia. Of course I don’t like it but I don’t sit around dwelling on it. My mind is weird that way, I’ve had it for 35 years and if I never would have got it than I might have been more successful. But part of me has never mourned, even though I’ve suffered just like anyone else. Usually it is just a nuicence, something that I accept as a fact of life, something that I have to deal with. I don’t often get depressed about it; I get frustrated. Oh well, gotta go, I’m due at my sisters house for lunch. I wanted to write more but this is the gist of what I wanted to say.

Self-pity and the grieving process are two different things. It’s normal and healthy to go through the grieving process when we have losses or bad experiences. Some people avoid the grieving process by wallowing in self-pity.


I think when we’re diagnosed we go through the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

Maybe you’re just not into accepting it, I know it’s hard for us to accept it.

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