A day with concrete boots

I didn’t eat a lot yesterday and this morning I could feel it. It’s like the meds work with double effect if I don’t get my regular fill.

I have a theory that is one of the reasons people overeat on olanzapine, because it kind of detoxes the body by absorbing some of the meds somehow. Some kind of self defence mechanism.

Well…I managed to walk for a hour even though I was feeling it today. I think all of us are brave to show ourselves when we are feeling under the weather. A lot of people probably pick up on the fact that something is not quite right with me. But that’s not going to stop me. I need to go out to stay sane.


I was having a horrible time making myself go out with a camera last night. The negs were on me like white on rice. My wife reminded me, “the nights you don’t go out with a camera are always the nights you should.” Which is true, I’ll decide to stay in and miss the best sunsets and storms, etc.

Her poking got me over the hump and I dragged my arse out to the pond with my gear. It was worth it.



Very nice pictures. My mind almost went into a dreamstate :smiling_face:

Yeah. Lately I’ve been trying to go out everyday. I can always go for a walk and have lunch at a diner as a baseline. So I can always do that minimum. And I feel I have to because not leaving the house is really bad for me. Whenever I go out the front door I know I’m doing something right.

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