I'm afraid of the dark

I live out in the country. There are no streetlights, just moonlight and starlight if it’s a clear night. If I get home at night, the walk from my car to the front door is always terrifying. I think there are monsters lurking in the shadows, as I’m heading for the door I can feel their presence creeping up behind me, and I rush to get the door open and closed behind me. Every night, it’s a close call, just inches away from being grabbed and dragged away.

Even sitting in my room, I have to tell myself there’s nothing behind me. Nothing in my closet, no monsters waiting in the bathroom or downstairs. Strangely, I feel safe in bed. I guess it goes back to childhood, thinking the monsters can’t get you if you’re in bed, under your covers. But anywhere else is scary, and outside is worst of all.

It’s not just monsters, I’m also afraid of bad people. Walking through town at night, I’m constantly worried that I’m about to be jumped. I guess that’s not that irrational, though, since it does happen to people all the time. I hold my keys like I was taught, to use them as a weapon if I’m attacked, even if there’s nobody nearby. Every alley, every dark corner could have somebody lurking, and I convince myself I can see them hiding in there, but I force myself to keep walking, not to show any fear, because if I run, if I try to avoid them, they’ll know I saw them and they’ll run at me. If I appear strong, they’ll leave me alone.

sorry you are having problems, they can scare you but they can’t physically hurt you , though you can feel them sometimes .
when i was young i feared the darkness out in the woodland , the forests that surrounded me , i put headphones on and played music and went for walks in the night, in the woodlands, all that fear left eventually, i felt the monsters and dark things but they started to keep their distance, if i saw something i would keep my head down or get pissed and snarl at them, they got the message.
take care

Oh my gosh, you snarl too? If I see anything in the shadows I’ll growl at it, I figure whether it’s real or not, if I scare it away it can’t hurt me. I’ll see monsters while I’m driving too, just today I saw a really tall one, like 10 or 20 feet tall, peeking over some treetops. Just this dark, thin, flat-topped shape that just oozed malice, but it couldn’t do anything to me as I drove past.

cool good on you, yea i think snarling works it is like they get a shock, or maybe they just understand the language of it . the beings that surround me though, tell me to to put the demons or monsters that are bothering me in spheres of white light and i send them to the other side of the universe, they don’t like that !
it works every time you just have to concentrate .
if only ordinary people could see what we see they would wet themselves.
take care
p.s the big monster sounds cool, it makes driving more fun

Oh yeah, I’m always worried they’re gonna run into the road and make me hit them, wreck my car so I have to stop, then they can get me, but I guess they won’t do that. I’ve never tried sending them away like that, I don’t know if I can, but I can always try. I think they’re stronger than me, though.

Once the fear loses it’s grip on me I turn on them and taunt them back.
Like you said, they haven’t hurt you yet, and I realized recently that the worse thing they do is waste my time frozen in fear.
Maybe they understand body language and retreat when challenge?

I seldom go out in the dark. Isolated areas are the worst. If someone is behind me i get scared and quicken my pace.

I used to be very afraid of the dark. To a point I still am, though not as much. I have a small light in the long hall of our apartment so I don’t get wigged out walking around the flat. But I sleep walk like no other and I have woken up outside in the middle of the night. Dark buildings are harder for me then dark open spaces.

I am really scared of the dark as well. My symptoms are also worse at night. My doctor recently increased my meds at night to help with the fear.

no you are actually stronger than them you just have to believe in your self, have a go at the sphere thing , you can do it. i see the spheres come out of the palm of my hand, when ever a bad thing is around, and they start troubling me they appear , they then surround the bad thing does not matter how big they are, the spheres can get small or huge and then they seal them in and take them to the other side of the universe , have a go you can to it.
take care

My spiritual beliefs actually revolve around energy and intent, so you may be on to something. I’ll give it a try next time I encounter them, though usually unless I’m safe somewhere looking out at them, it’s a chase and I don’t really have time to do anything. Still, it can’t hurt to try.

before you go anywhere when you are in a safe space, just concentrate your thought on the spheres of white light coming out of your hand ask them to come out naturally, your thought, your adrenalin, when you feel yourself in danger will activate the spheres. that way they appear and do their job without you having to activate them.
take care

im afraid of the dark too. so i knw where you been.

That bright white sphere of light that opens it’s protective field to envelope the space your in is spot on.
Doesn’t require much effort except belief.

yeah that is right just belief, i have been doing this for years works every time !
take care