Several houses I've lived in have a dark spirit following me

Most of the time I can ignore it but right now I sense it in my bedroom where it always is. I have to have the fan on to go to sleep…the presence is on the edge of my bed and sometimes glares inches away from my face. then I have to get up. anyways, when I believed I was helping Jesus return to earth when I was delusional I think all my painful knees against the floor while praying and the constant fear of evil opened some kind of door and this spirit got into my space. I guess it rides with me in the car when I move because the spirit was in edmond, then tulsa, then phoenix, and now with me in Pauls Valley. It never does anything threatening but I sense an urgency in it’s gaze when it’s glaring me in the eyes.

You know it’s not real, right? You just told another member he sounded delusional… Well you sound delusional here. Hope you’re not fooled by this hallucination.


If you want to get rid of this feeling for sure, I’d suggest you throw and burn all materials related to occultism and spiritism. I am not saying you’re really being harassed, it can also be your mental health issues.

Hope you can see that there’s no such things are spirits and you’re seeing a hallucination.

Talk to your pdoc about it, please.

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I saw my grandfather’s ghost when he died. He was a christian and after that I figured out that you need to believe in Christ to see the after life. I dreamt that my friend was being killed the same night and time that Adam took too many qualudes and whiskey and his heart stopped. I am pretty sure I opened a door to the spirit world and I am not afraid of this presence. sometimes it creeps me out, but most of the time I can handle it fine…no one I expect will believe me. I bet if you were here you would feel the presence too.

I am also followed by a dark spirit, have been for most of my life. It’s name is mental illness. No snark, just real.

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