A cure 4 sz/sza

ever dream it mite come trow one day?

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Ten or more years ago I was hopeful but now it’s been too long so doubt it will be soon

I wouldn’t hold your breath. Not something that is likely to happen in my lifetime.

Of course, I’m old…so…


i believe ter is cure 4 every illness imo

No, I don’t dream of it anymore.
I’m used to it.
I don’t know if I want a cure, tbh

maybe in d future

wo knows

i believe in medicine doe

Nope. Waited 30 years so far and the best I’ve seen is a mild improvment in meds plus some better theories about what causes the illness. I don’t expect a cure before I die. I rely on myself for the bulk of my recovery – I have discovered that it is not something that falls out of the sky.


i feel unique in spite of tis illness

extra speical like

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i brainwas myself 2 feel well everyday

No. It probably won’t happen. Maybe there will come a drug at some point that will work good for a few of us, but a actual cure? No. I think the best cure is to alter anything in your behaviour you can towards recovery.


I think I just fell in love with you. Comment of the month.


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Depends what you mean by “cure”

I don’t think it will ever be like Boop take a pill and alakazam your cured…

I think prevention is the cure ultimately.

Which comes down to basic good health and maybe some special remedies… Meds will no doubt continue to improve as they have luckily…but I wonder if the pressures of the world will make it harder for szs in the future so idk…maybe I’m being pessemistic. But Im a believer in nature and balance as a healer and I don’t think we have to wait for those… Human Ingenuity goes a heck of a long way but we need both


It will probably happen towards the end of my life. I think with artificial intelligence developing like it is, a robot will probably figure it out. Until then, I just work on myself and try to make today better than yesterday.


I don’t know but I like to think I won’t relapse again.

Even though am considering coming off meds.

Under the approval and supervision of a psychiatrist.

That’s essential.

Welcome back @san_pedro

Honestly I don’t even think that the meds vastly improved.
A lot of the new meds are weaker than the older meds like risperidone and olanzapine.

I’m pegging my hopes on gene therapy but I’m not holding my breath.

All the meds have proven to be awful for most patients. Either in terms of effectiveness or side effects or both.

I don’t know. Thorazine was discovered by accident. Which was a god send. Psychotic people were stuck in horrible mental asylums. At least now we can function to a degree that we don’t need constant care or being locked up.

Perhaps something new will come by accident? Who knows? New meds are invented all the time. Pharma wants to earn cash so a new treatment is possible.

I’m happy with my meds. As soon as I sense that I’ve med progress I’ll quit zyprexa and stick to vraylar. I’ll start working out, go on a diet and apply for a few university courses to see if it’s possible for me to study. If it’s possible, I dunno?