A crazy thing I did once in America

My former US spouse had left in Dec 1999 and I lived alone in one house in Atlanta. My mind was messed up somehow and I decided to play some Jewish national songs loudly in the house while I danced alone in my long black jacket. I was somehow in a totally different world and state of mind, trance. Then one cop arrived and asked what I played so loudly and told me to turn down the music, then he commented that he would take a case to the downtown, but suddenly he got some code in his auto and left. I never saw him again. I perceived that this code was a gift from God.

I just wanted to be happy and had a 1-man party in the house. :smiley:

I’m just curious, where do you live now? Israel?

Finland …

I would never travel to america. I’d be too concerned about my safety. Too many guns

If you’re trying to piss off your neighbors the cops will come.