Schizophrenia commercial

Just saw a commercial that was advertising a med called Fanapt. This is the first time I’ve seen a med that was advertised solely for sz. Usually, with meds like Latuda and Vraylar, they advertise them as bipolar meds. But this mentioned “paranoia”, “delusions”, and “hallucinations” as things the med helps with. Anyway, just found it interesting and kind of cool that a commercial on TV would name-drop schizophrenia. Usually a very taboo and stigmatized word.


It’s been years since I’ve watched anything with commercials. My wife watches Roku TV so she still gets them, but I make a point of fleeing before one can get me.

I usually mute the commercials, but I was doing something else and heard the word “schizophrenia” on TV – which absolutely caught my attention. But yeah, I loathe the commercials on any station.

Were the people in the commercial dancing?

Roku has a TV service? I don’t know if there is IPTV on Roku.

nope, they were attractive actresses

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Yeah I made a thread about the Fanapt commercial also.

I was pleasantly surprised to see a commercial on TV talking openly about schizophrenia.

Yes they mention hallucinations and paranoia.

This made history.

You can subscribe to VMedia through it, but the Roku channel is like free Netflix, but with commercial interruptions. Lots of old shows from my childhood like Greatest American Hero. I just torrented that one and watched it without commercials, LOL.

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