A choice - get called a goody goody or be in trouble

At this point, I’d rather be called a goody goody. I’m tired of the fear one feels when in trouble.

I don’t miss getting in trouble at all. Yeah, i certainly know the fear. My old “friend” when I was using said it good ; To paraphrase: “You can be rushing around getting drugs, with all the drama and intrigue and fooling around and smoking various places, caught up in your life. But once you see those lights behind you in your rear view mirror pulling you over, THAT’S reality”. Because we always had to be on the lookout for cops. I had a cop find a $20.00 rock of crack in my car (a felony) He slapped the cuffs on me and stuck me in the back of his cruiser. He went back to ransacking my car and found a used syringe in the trunk. I thought I was going to jail for sure. This cop did not like me. He came back to me and was yelling at me and poked me hard in the face several times drawing blood. And he had put on the handcuffs WAY to tight. But for some weird reason I can’t figure out to this day, he let me go but he told me never to come back to his city again. So I left. I had $20.00 left, so from there, I drove immediately to a different city and scored a rock and smoked it. I was back in that cops city in two days and resumed my business. THAT is the stupid stuff that goes on when you do drugs. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Incidentally. the cop put on those handcuffs so tight that it must of cut off the circulation to my hand. My hand was numb for two weeks.