A chemical link between early life stress and adult schizophrenia

A massive collaboration finds that schizophrenia-like symptoms induced by early life stress in mice correlates with expression of a DNA altering enzyme. Inhibition of that enzyme (whose levels are also increased in human patients with early life stress) reduces schizophrenia-like symptoms:


I still believe that stress didn’t cause my illness, it triggered it.


Stress definately triggered mine too

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Stress caused my illness. I think this is a great study.
Wish they would hurry up and release a new therapy like this soon. The years are just passing me by.

Stress definitely triggered mine. It all happened around the same time I had moved out of the house

I can see that bring true. I’ve been told I was in a foster home with my sister when I was a baby and I was moved around a lot from the moment I was born until 3 or 4 years old. My Mom also smoked while she was pregnant. And I’m not sure if this is when she was pregnant with me or after but her mom died which caused her own mental illness.

I also was bullied a lot as a kid in the neighborhood and in school. My Mom never lived with us and would rarely see me.