A bit funny to me

I know that one of the signs that I’m going to have an episode is a sudden sensitivity to light. Everything gets too bright and the the mind starts to glitch and the head circus begins.

It’s not been a bad morning just a very taxing one. Very cold here today lots to do. I was feeling really drained and cold when I got off shift and got back here. Kid picked me up and we went to the grocery store too. I’m getting better about that, but I’m usually not tired, cold, hungry, distracted when I go. It was a lot to get through. The crowd, the tinny christmas music, the rush… I know it’s going to be a bit of a harder night.

So I get home and turn on the lights and they are so instantly bright I can barely stand to open my eyes. I’m getting nervous about this. The kid sis then says, “Oh no, what is wrong with this light… Too Bright.”

Now I’m thinking… “oh no, the first sign… The first crack in the mind. No.”

She got compact bulbs and got 75 watt instead of 30… It wasn’t me after all. :smiley:


Whew, that’s a relief! I’m glad it was just the bulbs and not a break!

And good for you for knowing the warning signs!



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Lol. :slight_smile: Pretty big relief Huh?

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Jajaja…good for a smile today!:grinning:

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that made me laugh !
take care

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I thought that I’m the only one who search for signs before the episode ! nice to know that someone does it :smile: I have different signs from u, like craving for carbohydrates and meat, and seeing a fly attacking me…

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