A beat. Its got guitar and stuff

Its pretty rough lol. But I think the idea is good.

Im so strsessed I havent been making music much. I have to finish my degree and it is not going well so Im grinding.

I never thought Id make it this far lol

Anways check it out of you can :slight_smile:


Lol your guitar has a distinctive zwolf spirit to it bro . Great job


Also good selection on that distorted snare. Is it an orchestral snare?

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Thanks man! The snare is from FPC actually the HQ Jazz kit I just distorted it hella lol now it sounds like a kinda old and crunchy recording I think

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Lol nice man I love those kinda snares. Sorry I kinda flaked on our collab again I know I gave it over to you to work but I got a sudden hit of inspiration and came up with something lol. Did you wind up finishing it?

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That’s catchy. Nice guitar work man. I could hear some nice acoustic lead work on that as well


Yeah its great dude! Acoustic snares are the best imo cant be beat. No worries man I didnt finish it since I saw tyou did lol I figured youd take it from there. Great job on it btw you did it up better than I was going to I could tell you had inspiration!

@Cragger thanks man! I think an acoustic would be perfect! Actually Im moving back to the states so Im gonna be putting out a lot more stuff with acoustic and live bass :wink: my instruments are back therre lol


Sorry man! Dang I didn’t mean to do that was hoping we could both make a version and maybe call it a remix. Sorry bro

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Oh no worries man I prob shouldnt be doing too much music anyways haha super busy. This is gonna be my last project for prob 2 weeks then maybe Ill get back to it, Ill have plenty of time after! :slight_smile:

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Hmm. . .

I Was Wondering Since Your Projects Seem So Hopeful.

Maybe Changing Your ‘zwolfgang’ Name Into Something More Productively Inspiring.

To Match The Rhythm Of Your Melodies.

For Example, Start By Erasing The Alphabet By Eating It Like A Wolf.

Then Become A Gang Of Unity In The Form Of Invisibility!.

It Could Possibly Become A Very Awe Inspiring Project That Could Lead Into A Directive Of Cash!.

Ya’know, To Maybe Lift Up Those Beneath You With Your Melodies Of Hope, Love, And Peace!.

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Thanks @ATARI! I dont think Ill be changing my name but that sounds interesting for sure lol

Hmm?. . .

It’s A Great Idea Man.

Think About it.


#1 Billboard Fo Sho (!!!).

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Do you play guitar @ATARI ?

Hmm. . .

You Can Find My Work On YouTube.

Under The Name, ‘The Orbital Compass’.

One Song Is Named, ‘0.8’. Under That Same Name.

Please Enjoy.

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@zwolfgang Sweet! I love acoustic. I’ve got an acoustic bass kicking around here actually, it plays so nice. Where are you living now, if you don’t mind my asking?

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Ahh I want an acousitc bass lol. But soon I wont have an income so we shall see about that lol

Im living in France right now to do my degree

France, that’s pretty cool. Must be quite a culture shock.

My acoustic bass only cost me $150, but it plays like a dream

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Yeah it was quite interesting coming here lol I went off my meds shortly after and got more into drugs. It was a trip man. More used to it now but I still think I need to go home and reset for awhile before I think of coming back

Nicee what manufacturer? I might have to grab one haha

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