A song idea

I made this beat a week or two ago idk, been awhile since I made anything good I think cuz the stress but this beat is pretty cool I think

I got an idea for a song too, hopefully it sees the light of day lol


i like the reversed parts

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Thanks man tbh I didnt know what to do for the intro so I just reversed the piano lol

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Not to be contrarian, but I honestly liked it all except the very beginning and very end. The “reversed parts.” I thought they sounded too weird. But that may just be my personal taste. I hope you take that as constructive criticism and not an insult in any way :grimacing:

Good job though zwolfgang. I enjoyed the rest of it.

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Thanks @Bowens no offense taken at all I like hearing peoples honest thoughts!

Yeah imo the reversed portions couldvve been finessed a bit, but glad you liked the rest!

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