A Bad Omen

My utensils I bought at Dollar Tree six months ago turned kind of black. Now i’m getting a bad feeling someone might die. :pensive:

the metal has oxidised, just use bi carb soda and give them a scrub.
i don’t think anyone is going to die,
take care


Dolar tree kitchen ware is notorious for being bad. I bought a pot and the paint literally burned off of it and the handle came off almost immediately.

The omen is to kill the people responsible for making such an unsafe product!


Should you be using those utensils if they are black? Just asking. I’m concerned about your health.

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I’m soaking my soup ladle in cleaning vinegar. Made everything much worse.

Should I get a garbage bag and toss every Dollar Tree item out?

Yes, in a word, and don’t buy anything you expect to get any usefulness out of. Ditch it.

What’s bicarbonate of soda, baking soda? Darksith said try that, but I vote for tossing them and going plastic instead.

It is oxidization as has been said, but also someone will die in the world today…hungry children, victims of wars and aggression…the prophecy is true!
Don’t let a little oxidization fool you, it is a sign of entropy, yet know this…the spirit lives on!

"NNow the whole wide world is movin’
‘cause there’s iron in my heart
I just can’t keep from cryin’
‘cause you say we’ve got to part
Sorrow grips my voice as I stand here all alone
And watch you slowly take away
a love I’ve never known’

(Iron oxidizes…ask the Anunnaki of Mars, the red rust (oxidized) planet…)

I’ve learned that you get what you pay for. I once bought a new Walkman for $10.00. I was happy that I got such a good deal but it broke in a week. Cheap junk. I paid $25.00 for my first DVD player. Again, I was happy but it lasted about 4 months before it stopped working. When I buy stuff like that now I don’t get the cheapest anymore, I decide how much I want to spend beforehand to get a medium quality item. And I also bought a cheap electric shaver that I never liked. It was cheap plastic that didn’t shave good. I finally got sick of it and I bought a new solid shaver on Amazon.com for about $90.00 and I am VERY happy with it. It’s nice to have nice things.

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BakedBeans, I think this could be very helpful for you.

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