A Christmas story


Years ago I had purchased a small fresh Christmas tree for my shared housing. Me and my housemates kept it up in the house until it was dried and brown. We had a fireplace with a fire going in it one night and I had the brilliant idea of throwing the dead tree into the fire to get rid of it. Needless to say it went off like a bomb and flames exploded out the front of the fireplace and went clear to the cieling. I was dumbfounded. All I could do was kick the tree further inside the fireplace and look for something to put out the flames. I thought the cieling was going to catch on fire and burn the house down. Luckily the only damage was a solid black soot residue from the fireplace to the ceiling. And it stood out because it was all painted white brick from the floor to the ceiling.I was in mental health housing at the time and there was no way the counselor in charge of our house could see it all blackened so I scrubbed it for an hour. But I couldn’t get it perfect. I will never do that again!!!


Did the counselor notice?


I don’t think he ever noticed. We sure didn’t tell him.


It was an honest mistake. One time my mom and I burnt a dry Christmas tree in the fire place. We were surprised at how hot it burned. This is a good warning to people about dry Christmas trees and fire places. Be careful how you burn your dry Christmas trees.


that’s funny…do you throw kerosene on the barbecue to get it going…!?!
take care :alien: darth bunny :rabbit: is still laughing…


You must have done a good job, 77nick77. Otherwise the counselor would have noticed the burning marks on the wall and ceiling.


My dad once dropped an old magnesium engine block on a fire in the desert. It was the brightest thing I have ever seen.

Some things burn in VASTLY unexpected ways. The only way to tell for sure how it will burn is to…BURN IT…(rubs hands together)“MUAHAHAHA.”


We had this big tree one year and I had two indoor cats that were just fascinated by it. One day they climbed up the tree and it tipped over…fortunately it tipped in ward into the room rather than the other direction which would have gone right through the window in or second floor apartment. We also hadn’t any Christmas gifts under it yet since we had just finished decorating it…nothing was damaged except maybe a few ornaments and some branches.