A baby is a born enemy

I didn’t have pain when giving birth. It was intense, but not painful. I was deeply prepared and did my stretches and breathing, etc. I was “in the zone”. It was beautiful, and I’ve never felt so powerful.
My baby, my son, was, and remains, the greatest blessing of this life for me. Being a single mom for 18 years, he was also my companion and friend. I’m very blessed.


That is nice to hear. I have heard so many mother horror stories that I’m afraid I am usually on the other side of the fence. Just call me “The Grinch That Stole Motherhood.” and leave it at that. I was conditioned to not consider motherhood.


Psychiatry can’t do much for sociopaths.

Can’t do much for sociopaths but collect money from them and string them along with false promises.

Research suggests that empathy can be learned and increased.

It also suggests that sociopathy is a brain disorder much as sz or autism.

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I don’t remember my childbirths being that difficult. The first one did take 17 hours from start to finish. The others didn’t take nearly as long. IMO giving birth, breastfeeding, changing diapers isn’t the hard part. It’s the raising them at least to the age of 18 that’s the hard part. I’m always worried about how they’re going to turn out. Of course, maybe I worry too much.

Maybe I don’t do enough activities with them. Maybe I don’t teach them enough. I don’t know.

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