8 Years "medicated"

Its about this time of year i lost the plot. 8 Years in this flat and numerous drugs and interventions from the police here.

Still take the pills and the monthly depot jab religiously. So when is it gonna get so good - a lady will walk into my life, and actually be able to put up with me?

Im an absolute bloody nightmare to live with, unless i love you. Then i just come across as a needy boy.

Wheres my Wife? And where the bloody hell is my children?

I was meant to be a DADDY.


It will happen @Naarai if you really want to find someone … Maybe join some kind of common interest group … I still recommend dating sites despite my bad experience. Theres people on there looking for serious relationships you just got to meet the right one.


It’s more difficult being a man than a woman when you want a partner and have schizophrenia.

As a man, you’re kind of expected to be employed, and you’re expected to do the chasing.

But whether you’re a man or woman you still have to pursue a relationship, they generally don’t come knocking on your door.

So, maybe try meetup.com to see if there are any groups near you that you would be interested in. You could possibly meet someone that way.

Online dating with schizophrenia is something I’ve never tried. You never know you might have some success.

Volunteering could be another avenue to meet people, and as a bonus when someone asks the dreaded question “what do you do?” , You can say you volunteer at wherever.

I hear you. But i havent let go of Emma yet. I made a commitment when i fathered our daughter, and altho she dont give a toss - i still feel bound by it.

Im just wobbling mentally cos its Fathers Day soon. No doubt i will have a little cry, get all delusional about it and goto bed early lol.

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There’s no polite way to say it so I’m just gonna say it: In the time I have known you, you have not presented as stable enough to be a parent. I’m sorry, but you haven’t. I see you infrequently getting muted on the boards because you’re off a bit and hitting the sauce. Well, you can’t mute your kid when you’re parenting and want to get sauced up for a few days. You also seem to have a heck of a temper, not good with littles around, either.

I do hope you find someone you can ease into old age with, but I’d be doing you a disservice if I told you I think you should have kids. Apologies man, but I don’t. Hope you don’t hate me for being honest.

Dont apologise mate. I quite bloody agree with you - and have told the mental health team the same.

I have the insight to know im not suitable to be a parent. As much as a love little ones - i aint got the skills.

Its a source of conflict.

Fair, mate. I think that in my situation 90% of the credit for my daughter goes to my normie wife and the other 10% to the horseshoe wedged in my arse.

Just please don’t make yourself miserable with this.


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Ha know i used too. But not anymore. I will happily support any single mother with a child (financially) but i aint always looking for a relationship.

Ive harkened myself to the “grandad” that has a visit from the children - but they still go home at the end of the day lol.

Its the little ones - when they give you a cheeky grin in the supermarket - stuff like that makes my day :slight_smile:


Sorry People. Im just having a wobble. Im better off single. I have too many issues - and Emma dont want to be reminded of the likes of me.

I just wish she knew me now im properly medicated :frowning:

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