6 days in, im thinking about a drink!

almost stopped at the liqour store yesterday for a 6 pack. it’s only been 6 days, how am i ever going to make it to november? i told myself i would lose all my motivation and never reach my fitness goals, if i kept drinking. anyways i didn’t drink, but am thinking about giving up and having a drink once a week.


One day at a time my friend


Dont do it! That 1 drink will be the killer, and before you know it, you will get the taste and be buying more.

I bought a 4pack last night - but had the sense to pour it away.

Just say “I AM NOT DRINKING TODAY”, and dont worry about tommrow.


ok, you convinced me. i wont drink today. i want to meet my goals, and drinking always makes me say “feck it”


I had a similar compulsion when trying to quit smoking,

I just kept telling myself “Just don’t smoke” no matter how much I wanted one.

As @Jonnybegood says one day at a time, cravings and desire will eventually pass, it just takes time.


Yeah it’s hard. I’ve found if I think about it my desire for a beer is greater so I try to keep busy. I’ll go do some exercise or something and it usually gets me through. It’s hard work but it’s worth it for your fitness. Alcohol is just empty calories.


I have a wild craving to go to a hotel and drink, or even a pub. Had two drinks wed and one last night. I didn’t buy beer at the store today either and that felt good knowing I wouldn’t be tempted. I will have a glass of wine tonight though and worry about tommorrow then. Tbh I am thinking it will be hard to find the resolve tommorrow.

Yay you by the way!’ Took a lot of balls to drive by!! Fair play to you, remember sz life expectancy is shorter becuase of this shiit

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