5 days 25k's and one slice of Cheese

So getting serious about my lifestyle as I near 50. No booze and trying to eat healthier and exercise more. This last week I’ve hit 5 km’s a day and even improving on my times. I’m down to just under 40 minutes for the 5km’s which is amazing from where I’ve come from.

Don’t really miss having a drink but gawd have I missed cheese. I friggin love that stuff and only broke down and had a slice of cheese today on a bit of bread. Oh well got to have some treats. So…losing weight the hard way but happy with my progress.


Right on. You’re rocking it, man. Getting back to walking is on my list. New pacemaker next week, teeth extraction, then exercise again and work on diet.


Hope the new hardware is good for you. Took a long time to get up to jogging 5 k’s a day but just chip away with what you can do.

Oh, no jogging for me. That’s never been in my cards. I can get back to walking 5k in one day by end of summer I hope.


Keep up the good work!


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