No luck finding a doctor locally

I have having a really rough time locating a Psychiatrist in Tulsa, Oklahoma who accepts my insurance and has evening appointments. I would prefer a female, but at this point I will take anything.

I know it may be a long shot, but if any of you have resources or information that would be helpful in this search I would greatly appreciate it.

If you could tell me what your zip code is, how far you’re willing to travel, and what insurance you have, I would happily do some research for you.

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Thank you!

74137, 20 miles or less. United Healthcare, Plan: Choice Plus

Please no doctors in Laureate.

Thanks sasha. In a few hours when the offices open, I’ll start making some phone calls, and PM you with my results. Fingers crossed. I always want to help a fellow schizophrenic who is actively trying to seek help.


Thank you so much! I really do appreciate it.

I am getting really sick of being treated like I am stupid or crazy after admitting to having Sz on the phone… I have been trying to call places locally to find a psychiatrist and i have got everything from rude to offensive. Feeling really hopeless.

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What’s going on Sasha? PM me if you want to talk about it…I might be able to offer a few tips.

Ignore those people!!

This never seems to help any of you guys but I’ll just put it out there. Some mental health related services often have what they call a "master list’ of resources for clients. It’s list of all the certain resources you might need all concentrated on one or two pages of paper. For example, when I got out of the hospital and moved into a Residential Treatment Home they required every resident to regularly see a psychiatrist. I had no money, just Medicaid. So a counselor gave me a list of local psychiatrists who took Medicaid. It had the names and phone numbers of about 12 or 13 psychiatrists. Similarly, when I was looking for a board & care home I once got a list of a hundred names and phone numbers of every board & care home in the city. So maybe with a few phone calls to clinics, hospitals, or private therapists or psychiatrists, they might get you a list.

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Update: I have contacted NAMI Oklahoma, NAMI Tulsa, NAMI, Mental Health Association of Tulsa, 4 clinics, 17 psychiatrists, 4 psychologists, my insurance company, and the local Equality Center for LGBT youth.

I cannot find help after 5pm with someone who takes my insurance or a support group for people with psychosis in Tulsa. The nearest one I could find was in Wagnor or Oklahoma City. Both a bit far away for me to make a meeting.

It seems the only place in Tulsa that has any help for me is the one place I refuse to go. Unless I want to commit myself that is. And I can’t afford to lose my job… I don’t know what to do… Just suck it up and deal with it i guess. Find something to distract myself constantly and hope I don’t loose it.