47 more days left on my sentence

that’s all I have left on my probation sentence. hopefully things will pick up once it warms up and I start working out again and gardening. at the moment, time is standing still.

I haven’t had to take any drug/alcohol screenings yet, they said they may test me but never have. I think once im done with probation im going to go back to drinking once a week. I’ve also been thinking I would like to see cannabis legalized so I could do that in the evenings as well.


Gardening seems pretty cool.

Only a month and a half of probation left, nice going. What got you sentenced in the first place?

Also, doesn’t weed exhacerbate your symptoms?


o well I was off my meds and was experiencing sleep interruptions and nightmares for like 2 months. I lived right next to a city park and one night I was so agitated because of the sleep deprivation I kicked this little park statue of a baseball player down by the ballfield. I didn’t like the statue. I don’t know why I kicked it, I was just letting off steam, I didn’t anticipate that it would actually break off it’s base. but it did and they got it on tape. I paid $500 dollars to repair the stupid little baseball statue but still got a year probation and a “criminal mischief” charge. the judge asked me if I was under the influence of drugs or alcohol and I told him no I was sleep deprived. my lawyer handled it from there.

weed calms me down, I used to smoke a lot but haven’t smoked in 3 years. it does cause me some paranoia, but if it were legal I would have less paranoia about relaxing with some at night. I only smoke at night after I’ve been productive and got my workout in during the day. then I’ll take a hit and watch the baseball game or an old scary movie.

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Discussions of recreational weed is against the guidelines. We need to keep this a safe place for recovering addicts and other folks trying to stay clean.


It’d be extremely unfair if you got a permanent criminal record over this.


Good for you. Thanks for showing me that I could have been in your situation in January. I was at the mall by myself walking around, and I felt so overwhelmed, I lost it. I had to sit down and there was a display car accross from me, I was going to kick the heck out of it, but I wasn’t off my meds. I had some control and immediatly left because I felt paranoid. Needless to say, I haven’t been to a public place like that by myself since. I didn’t realize how bad it could have ended up until I read your story.


yeah it may follow me around for about 10 years but I’ve already gotten jobs since the incident. it was a misdemeanor and some employers only ask about felonies. im sure I could get it off my record if I paid enough $$$ in a few years, but it really doesn’t bother me at the moment.

I regret kicking the statue, I wish I would have found a different way to blow off some steam and none of this would’ve happened. I did stop drinking as a condition of my probation though, and then I started working out again with a return of motivation.

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If I knew your first name, wich you probably gave here in your time on the board and you’re state you live in wich I’m sure you said it here. I could find the little town where you live and probably more.

I don’t want to scare you or do that to you. It’s basic internet anonymity 101.

Probably my message sounded bad but I have good intentions

why would you do that though? is that some kind of threat? that would only make you a certain kind of person in my book? you don’t scare me.

Sorry dude. It’s not a threat. I am just pointing out something… Nevermind

ok my apologies. I’ll be more anonymous but my life is out there anyways. I don’t care what nosy voters and taxpayers find out about me.

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Sorry again man. We are cool?


yeah no worries. I over-reacted.

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Good for you on the working out and the gardening. Everyone ■■■■■ up some time. When I was 16 I drove through a school bus stop arm. The judge didn’t buy my excuse. But I learned after paying a $100 fine.

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