40 mgs Geodon = x seroquel?

How much Seroquel must you take to substitute 40 mg Geodon.

I’m currently on 500 mg Seroquel and 160 mg Geodon. I would like to get down on 120 mg Geodon because that it worsens my negative and cognition a lot.
Please those of you who have lowered with 40 mg geodon likewise how it went.

I’ve been on 80 x 2 Geodon and 400 x 2 Seroquel for over fifteen years. They’re great, for me. They handle my symptoms without turning my brain to oatmeal.

I guess that there were None like me and that nobody knew the right answer.

BEE PREPARED for Covid lockdown in one month

You can do an antipsychotic conversion here Antipsychotic Dose Conversion Calculator.

I was taking 160 mg of Geodon and 40 mg of Latuda. Now I take 80 mg of Geodon and 80 mg of Latuda. I couldn’t go any lower on Geodon.

I can’t handle Seroquel. Makes me psychotic.

I’m sorry that I scared you with the lock down but I was some what unstable cause on you tube I learned that a new strain of Covid cost the life of 800 Australians each month. Now where I can think clear I’m sure that no society can afford another lockdown.

Yesterday I lowered my meds with 50 mg Seroquel as needed and for the first time in 3 month I went down to 500 Seroquel with the result that I regained my ability to read and think.

So I’m very satisfied with the result.
And I want to excuse for my offending Covid-19’s remark.