3D depth in pictures

I guess it’s a visual hallucination or something since nobody I know has this happen to them. When I look at a picture on the wall or the TV, sometimes it looks like it has significant 3D stereoscopic depth. Sometimes it’s so convincing I actually had to ask my therapist if one of the pictures in the group room had some kind of special effect to make it look stereoscopic in it.

Sometimes when it happens when watching TV it’s kinda cool, though can be very disturbing and distracting when it happens when I don’t want it to.

Anyone else get this strange visual oddity?

I don’t own a T.V. any more. I usually watch a few shows online if I’m really that interested. My favorite show is on Itunes so I can down load it. I don’t have photos hanging up. Maybe I did have this and as a result took down everything and got rid of the T.V.

I’m not really sure if I get that perception but I get much different feeling when I look at high definition or HD visuals, like I’m inside the scenes, it’s what they are made for, to get you more into the virtual reality.

No TV? That’s horrible. I went for a few years without a TV because I spent 1/3 of my day working and didn’t want to waste my free time watching TV. I did kinda the same as you with downloading shows. This was all before I got DX’d though. Now I spend the majority of my day watching TV or just laying here, doing/thinking nothing.

it could be your eyes…? in a way that they distort the image slightly on the edges.

so i give the advice i was given, best too see an eye doctor

It the commercials. They are so loud and flash, flash, flash, and yelling and glitchy. Computers all have DVD players and ITunes has a lot of shows. So I don’t feel cut off from the world. I just can’t handle T.V.

Well you haven’t experienced a true 3D experience until you watched BLU-RAY 3D. Titles like Star Trek into the Darkness, Pacific Rim 3D. I’ve always wondered about the technology of 3D since you need special glasses and a 3D blu ray player to view it. But it is awesome I can look at a sphere a planet or something walk to one side of the room and the other and feel as if I can see behind the object. Its really neat. In the intro of Star Trek into the darkness they were on M Class planet Nibiru trying to help out this early civilization who hadn’t yet invented the wheel from extinction by this big volcano eruption. The natives were throwing spears and spitting darts at the screen towards Kirk and Bones, and I have to admit I was ducking from the spears, darts 3D effect, it actually felt like they were going to hit me.

3D bluray is awesome!

The way the tech works is it shows each of your eyes a slightly different perspective. The glasses alternate between blacking out left and right eyes so only the right eye sees the right image and the left sees the left. I had 3d glasses for my computer back in 2000 or 2001 for video games, it was awesome, but the flicker was twice as bad as it is now.