Hearing things in the tv

i have been hearing things coming from the tv that isn’t normal. i haven’t heard anything from the tv at least not anything unusual in a while like a few years.

i think you should maybe talk to your dr or nurse about this i have had this before but it stopped with my new med and i cut out tv mostly altogether now anyway, all i do is play driving games and watch the occasional movie online.

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What kind of stuff are you hearing from the tv. ? I agree talk to your doc about it. My psychosis is usually at the worst when I think the tv is communicating with me. Is that what you mean?

yeah, its getting worse. my doctor appointment is tomorrow and i think i need to tell him i think my latuda isn’t working anymore

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I don’t know why but the tv seems to be a source of visual hallucinations and sometimes even mild delusions for me. I’m usually pretty careful about what I watch. But still sometimes it happens. Definitely tell your pdoc and you may want to avoid the tv if it’s triggering you. Mostly everything on tv is crap anyway.

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