39 Days Done!

So it’s been a journey but we got dad through his 39 straight days of radiation. It knocked him around a bit towards the end but hopefully he will improve now it’s finished. Managed to drive him most days unless I was at the cricket club and he got some lifts through the cancer council volunteer network which really helped out.

Glad we got the end and now we can get back into a normal routine!


That sounds like a lot to cope with. I hope you’re both well.

When does your dad get the results of the radiation back?


Congratulations! Personally, I dread cancer. He’s being very brave.


Mate, much love to you and your tribe during this time.

It sounds like your Father is a strong and brave man. Big kudos!

:hugs: :heart:


That’s great news!

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That’s a big achievement. You must be relieved that it’s over.

An elderly relative of mine is about to start 5 weeks of radiotherapy too. I’m in charge of taking them to appointments via taxi.

It’s going to be tough. I just hope Omicron or snow :snowflake: doesn’t put a spanner in the works. I’ll be so relieved when it’s over.


Congrats to you and your dad for getting through it! It takes so much strength.

Hope he starts to feel better from it soon, a little bit each day.

(I’ve been through radiation myself, so I know how horrible and exhausting it is and can be.)


Thanks peeps. Dad gets a scan in a month or so and we are hoping it’s taken care of. Specialists were quite confident and his bloodwork is good. He was ready to stop though. Was affecting him towards the end but hopefully he’ll settle down now it’s done.


This is good news. Hope he will be all right

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Is he in remission? Did it take?

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I’m glad you’re helping and I’m sorry you’re family members needs radiation. Hopefully it works right away and that’s it. Good luck!

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Best wishes for good health for your father @rogueone! I hope you get a much needed break as caregiver. That’s great how strong and helpful you are for your father!

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