8 weeks radiation!

So the old boy is going down to get set up for radiation tomorrow. Then it’s a course of 39 days straight…no weekends…that will hopefully sort out the prostate cancer. I’m driving him down next few days and just seeing how we go from there…

It’s only like 20 minutes down the highway so that is great. Traffic is a nightmare over here but you just have to do what you’ve got to do so I don’t mind taking him down. Still have some other duties I’ll have to work around but hopefully this sorts it out.


I hope it goes well!! :wink:

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Good luck with it all!

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Fingers crossed @rogueone hope it goes well

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Thanks peeps…Specialists are hopeful and postive. Cancer hasn’t spread and if dad was younger they’d just take out the prostate. This should hopefully stop the cancer spreading…dad is positive so it’s all good. Just a bit of rearranging of things and getting it done. Appreciate the kind words!


God bless hope you’re both doing well

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Wishing you both well :slight_smile:

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