36 years of having paranoid schizophrenia

Time flies when you’re having fun.
I’m not sure if I’m being ironic or sarcastic.


How’d you do it? I’m only 27, been diagnosed 8 years and cant imagine making it till 30,even though I know I will… and try not to be cliché and say1 day at a time lol…


so “PARANOID” schizophrenia is a lot like being twisted… but my schizo affective is my like looking at heavens gates going “BOMP BOMP BOMP”

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boys ladies and gentlemen please listen to me a schiphrenic life can be good GO TO the hospital and stay as LONG as you please until you are in TIP TOP condition for LIFE!


Lots of help, lots of luck, and lots of hard work.
I take my medication religiously, and I don’t take drugs or drink. (anymore). I see a psychiatrist and a therapist.
My family helped me a lot but you have to help yourself too.
Use the resources near you, keep an open mind, and don’t fight the people who are trying to help you. I took chances and calculated risks.
And I’m sorry but I took it,…one…day…at…a…time…Lol.


77nick77, you are a real success story, keep it up! Wow, you had sz longer than I was alive lol! :smile: (I’m 32.)

I had paranoid sz for 13 years, maybe a little longer. Went through a remission, relapse, hospitalisations, med hopping and the ups and downs, until I found a med that works. Sz has shaped me as a person, its part of who I am.

It has sure been an interesting journey!


Well you should be proud of yourself. Even with all that you go through and all the problems you’ve faced, you still manage to be pretty nice. Which I think is a great accomplishment.


5 years since schizo…

12 years since schizo according to my doctor

But only 6 years since I was first hospitalized.

Think about 12 years. Can’t quite remember.

nick, it’s been 36 years for me as well. funny.

glad for you it’s been sometimes fun.



You are right Nick that it takes one day at-a-time. I was diagnosed with par. sz.15 years ago after suffering from it for 13 years prior. I take my meds every single day along with therapy every week. I’ve tried to give up with razor blades, but I now realize that I am not going to go down without a fight. Keep fightin brother!


32 yrs with sz here and I find it getting much more difficult

Yes, in some ways it’s getting worse for me too. Part of the difficulty is due to how complicated life gets when you get older. And just the process of ageing is hard too. But I’m not done living by a long shot.
“There may be a little snow on the rooftop but there’s still a fire going strong in the furnace”.


I admit, I haven’t read this thread, but wanted to ask, how do you know a begin date?

I’m either 13 or 14 years this autum.

Well, I don’ think that most people can pinpoint an exact day, week or month or maybe even a year when their disease started. I base my “starting date” on when I got diagnosed. There is such a thing as “sudden onset” where someone can be fine one month and then the very next month they can have a psychotic break and become schizophrenia. In those cases their symptoms get better faster than gradual onset. These people tend to have a better prognosis than for people who become schizophrenic gradually. I can’t pinpoint when mine started. It probably started when I was about 16 or 17. I got diagnosed when I was 19. But my mom told me years after I got diagnosed that she had thought something was wrong with me when I was in high school. She thought I had problems but she didn’t think I was mentally ill.


I wish my sz son, 32, would stop doing drugs and drinking. But he’s not @ that point yet, I guess he’s been enabled too long by myself (paying his bills) & other family members. Right now he calls me 30 times a day (I answer a couple of times), rest miscalls, desperately asking for money. He’s never been hospitalized. I know he needs it, but he refuses to go. I wish you the best, keep up the good work.

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11 years. But I actually think longer. Looking back it started when I was a teenager.

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I’m 57, and the days I was 27 seem only a brief moment away. I think I have felt the same as you before. I was 29 when I first started to get suicidal.