3 weeks smoke-free

It’s still a struggle, though. I still want to walk down to the corner right now and buy a pack of cigarettes, or at least a Black and Mild, but I’m fighting it. I thought by this point I would be pretty much over it, but I guess not. Oh well, me and the gum will keep doing our thing, and I’ll do my best not to give in to temptation.


I vape and I’d love to be nicotine free. 3 weeks is great. Keep doing what you’re doing.


Oh yeah, I’m not nicotine-free yet, using nicotine gum, just smoke-free. I’m using typically 4-5 pieces of 4 mg gum per day.


When I’ at the clubs on the weekend I smoke several cigars but I just never become addicted, I think it’s a genetical thing, neither my father nor my sister smoke, my mom does tho

Nicotine itself is fine. It might even be healthy depending on what research you believe. I’m just bored with “having” to vape.

I actually recommend vaping if you can’t quit cigarettes/tobacco though.

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I quit for 3 years cold turkey and now im back to smoking three times daily. Going to quit cold turkey by June 1st and go for 5 years.

Three weeks is really something to be proud of @freakonaleash!

When my husband quit smoking, it took him a couple months to kick the gum,

And its been almost a year, he still chews regular gum really often, especially after meals, in the car, stuff like that.

You’re doing good, homie,

Keep it up!

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Keep marching forward @freakonaleash!
Don’t look back!

Well done, you! So awesome.

Gonna be another tough two or three weeks, but you’re NEARLY over the hump.

After week six you’re going to find the cravings drop by about three quarters.

Within about three months your senses of taste and smell will really come roaring back. You’ll be amazed about what you missed out on experiencing while you were smoking.

Don’t give up, you’re almost there!!!



Won’t you always be craving if you are still quenching the nicotine fix with gum? That is why cold turkey is the surest way. You’d have been over it by now breaking the nicotine back in 2-3 weeks without it, but it is a really tough few weeks.

Hope you do it with the gum though. Good luck and keep going. :slight_smile:

I’m nicotine free.

I really like it when I leave my apartment, I’m not fearful that a cigarette has been left burning and will later cause a fire.

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Well done. I haven’t had a smoke since 2009 and if I see someone on a movie light up I still feel like grabbing one! I know if I do that will be the end so don’t and that physical urge does leave you. It’s funny how the brain works with something so addictive!

Well done you! Keep it going!

I was on the nicotine lozenge for 4 years before getting nicotine-free.

As long as you stick with it you will get results.

Way to Go! 3 weeks is a great start!

That’s great! Keep it up!

3 weeks is impressive! Congrats!

I’ve been smoke free for more than 5 years and I still get urges to smoke. I got a vape pen with zero nicotine liquid for days I get too tempted. I always got really bad at bus stops. I ALWAYS smoked waiting for the bus, so that was my biggest habit to break. I still get urges when the bus takes longer than expected.

Congratulations!!! That’s great!!

After about 2 months my cravings stopped and after that I just found cigarette smoke gross. It really stinks

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