3 positive things

Hi all

I am aiming to be more positive. List three positive things that you did or experienced today

  1. Listening to good music
  2. Drinking an excellent herbal Liquorice and Fennel tea
  3. Going to call my cousins
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  1. I had a walk outside today.
  2. I spoke to two people i like a lot on the phone, they were so kind, as well as to my son (whom i love too, obviously).
  3. I got real kind responses here on the forum when i said i was struggling.
  1. Went for a drive with parents
  2. I had thirty five minutes walk
  3. I text my friend who lives in London
  1. I made a pretty good salad for lunch with chicken breast and a little blue cheese dressing
  2. it’s pretty sunny out
  3. I seem to feel better taking magnesium gummies around bedtime
  1. I woke up at 6:30
  2. it’s not raining… yet
  3. Get to enjoy some coffee
  1. I bought a nice lunch for me and my mom.
  2. I made plans to hang out with my older sister tomorrow
  3. Aquaman is out on Netflix!

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