3...2...1... bang!

I was sitting in the parking lot at Trader Joe’s. This Toyota was backing out of her space and this Chevy was as well. Problem was they were going right at each other. The Toyota backed up first and clearly had the right to back up. The lady in the Chevy simply did not look behind her and slammed right into the Toyota. I saw the candid reaction of the lady who got hit … she was like “WHAT THE ■■■■!?!” Then they both got out and were being sassy with each other. Then they started to cooperate and share insurance info. I was going to go in and give my opinion on who was at fault, but thats when they seemed to agree on it. So i didn’t.

You had to be there.

I was a prophet… I knew what was going to happen three seconds before it happened. Like Nicolas Cage in “Next” :sunglasses::grin: