Sometimes, things work out good

About twenty years ago I had a 1985 Toyota I had bought for $2300.00. It was kind of slow and when it rained, the interior flooded every winter. My sisters husbands mothers friend was selling a 1990 Honda that was in better shape than my car so I bought it for $2000.00. So I was in the process of selling the Toyota, which I had owned for a few years. I figured I could get $1500.00 for it. Well, I was coming home from work one day in the Toyota on the freeway and I pulled off onto an off-ramp. I was waiting to make a right turn onto my street and some guy in a pick-up truck wasn’t paying attention and he rear-ended me. It was totally this fault. We pulled off the street and exchanged information. The next day I contacted his insurance company and they had me get an estimate of the damage. All that was really wrong with my car was that the trunk was caved in and it wouldn’t open but everything else was OK. But the estimate was more that the car was worth. So it was technically totaled. His insurance company ended up paying me $2300.00 AND I got to keep the car. So I had my new Honda to drive and I actually sold the Toyota to some guy for $400.00. I was trying to sell the Toyota when I got hit anyway so the car accident was perfect timing. A nice little profit.


Gotta love it when things work out like that. :smile: